Today, ten years ago, on 14th of February of 2006, a 17-year-old Reili went missing

ReiliHUIKReili Huik is a 17-year-old girl from Tartu, who was looking for additional work as a babysitter after school. She was contacted by Guntars Kaziks, who claimed to live in Elva and in need of a sitter for a five-year-old girl. Reili met Kaziks on 13th of February 2006 around five p.m. near Tartu Kaubamaja. According to a witness, Reili was supposed to go on 14th of February around five or six p.m. from Tartu to Elva to meet the girl she was supposed to babysit. From this moment, Reili goes missing. Kaziksi did not actually have a child that needed babysitting.

Hopefully many people have heard this story. I am also sure many people are familiar through media with the name Guntars Kaziks. Today it is not possible to directly accuse Kaziks, who was given a long prison sentence in 2010 for raping four girls, in the disappearance of Reili, but it is also not a reason to stop asking questions about his whereabouts on 14th of February 2006 and the following night in order to find out where Kazinski was during that time and what was he doing:

On a cold day in winter, the person meeting Reili would have needed a place to take her to or at least a mean of transport. As Reili is still missing, Foundation Missing makes an appeal to people in and around Elva as well as to all the people in Estonia to try and remember the Valentine’s Day of 2006 and the time before that. Perhaps you knew the man, whose photo can be seen in the linked article, Gunters Kaziks, or whether you might have had any contact with him. Maybe he wished to use you apartment or house that was empty that winter, or maybe you have knowledge of the vehicle he might have used between 6th of September 2005 and 4th of March 2006. Any information is awaited 24/7 on the phone of Foundation Missing – 6616 776. We guarantee the anonymity of the informant. More information can be found on the homepage of Foundation Missing:

Dear citizens of Estonia, we really hope that with your help it is possible to find a young girl that went missing ten years ago on a Valentine’s Day. Thank you!