13a_Katrin_jopegaOn Sunday, 16th of January 2000, a 13-year-old Katrin sets out at half past two from Veskiküla, a small place near Rummu in Harjumaa to visit a friend in Rummu and study for English. Her shortcut to Rummu takes her past Ämari prison, where people bring packages from all over Estonia. Katrin, wearing the same jacket as on the photo, does not reach her friend that day. She vanishes without a trace and her case remains unsolved to this day.





Characteristics of Katrin

Age: 13 years old
Height: 160 cm tall
Build: average
Hair: shoulder-length straight light hair
Other signsS: grey eyes, a button nose, ball stud earrings,
Clothes: wearing a new blue jacket with yellow lining and a hood (pictured),
black winter platform boots,
special characteristic is a pink highlight.

In the year 2000, the three prisons at Rummu were a strategical place as a crossing point – a lot of different people gathered there to bring packages or to throw canisters of spirit and blocks of cigarettes over the fence. There was a lot of traffic, people all across Estonia came there.

On the behalf of Foundation Missing I appeal to the person who knows or has heard of something about the girl who went missing in Rummu in the winter of 2000 to contact Foundation Missing’s 24/7 information phone 6616 776.

I guarantee an absolute anonymity. Aare Rüütel, executive director of Foundation Missing.